June 25th

The girls came down for a visit. Mama caught one for the wall! Five fish this week went to the taxidermist. Good job ladies.

June 26th

Family meat run !!

Glad you could help him with that lead core!!

Got a big group?? Give us a call and we will line you out.. These four were members of a 17 person, four boat haul of disabled folks and some extra help ready to show the hogs who the boss is. Bumpiest trip of the season and they stuck it out to the end to land these beauties. The smiles never left their faces.

We were grateful to spend your magic day with you!! Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary, our gift to you is a cooler full of fish and a bottle of wine!! Great memories!

The future of charter fishing waiting patiently on the Hakuna Matata III

Hakuna Matata III friends, family and clients!!

June 26th

These Minnesota boys really put the hammer down on some serious Brunos. Nothing but meat coming over the back side of the Hakuna Matata III. Kind of a backwards bite with the majority coming in after the sun was shining. Beautiful photogenic Lake Trout weighing over 14lbs. Thanks for fishing with us guys. See you in the future.

June 24th

Simply a hilarious group of guys! "Fat Albert", as they call him, came straight out of the jungles of Oklahoma and could talk more game then Mohammed Ali. He laid it all down with a dandy king! Still attached to the king was 8 colors of lead core, planer board and a green flounder pounder. Straight drag battle was well played. Congrats Scott on your wedding!

Get 'em Denny!! Oh and thanks for your service Sir!!

Joes smile says it all. End of June is producing some dandys!!

Logan never let up on the big fish !! No complaints at all reeling in the slobs.. Well, I quess he didn't talk at all but he could sure kill fish!

Hakuna Matata III family killing some Brunos!!

June 7th, 2016

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